National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc.

Employment Facts

In order to qualify for participation in SCSEP, you must:

  • Be unemployed

  • Be 55 years of age or older (Applicants 65 years of age or older are given priority)

  • Be capable of performing part-time training duties

  • Reside in the state where you will be assigned

  • Have a family income that does not exceed 125% of the federal poverty income guidelines

Criterion for Continued Participation

  • Re-certification of financial eligibility requires twelve (12) months after entry date and every twelve (12) months thereafter. Participants may be requires to show proof of age, social security number and household income for for the previous twelve (12) months. Participants who are found ineligible are notified in writing and given 30 days notice prior to termination of the program.


  • Each new participant receives NCBA-SCSEP orientation upon acceptance into the program. Orientation will occur prior to or after participants start their training. Such orientation is designed to inform the participant of the purpose and goals of the program.


  • NCBA-SCSEP participants receive an orientation and the necessary job related training in preparation for NCBA-SCSEP training assignments. Continued training, preparation, and education includes but is not limited to: teaching new job skills and upgrading old skills; first aid and safety training; job seeking skills; consumer information areas such as social security benefits, personal health, tax requirements, nutrition and retirement laws. Local resource persons are invited to address technical knowledge or skills at leas once each year. Training takes place in group sessions, at the work site, on an individual basis or through other assignments.

  • Participants train a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week. Participants are paid no less than the federal or state minimum wage. Training schedules for each participant are maintained in the NCBA-SCSEP State offices.

Supportive Services

  • NCBA-SCSEP provided supportive service to participants through referrals to appropriate organizations. If information, advice, or counseling is needed an NCBA-SCSEP staff person should be notified.


  • For further information please contact a State Program Coordinator or call the NCBA-SCSEP Director at 202-637-8400.

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