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Time and Attendance

Authorized Assignment Hours

Compensatory Time is Not Permitted

Absence From Assignment

Compressed Assignment Schedule

Explanation of Enrollee Time Sheet

Authorized Assignment Hours

 The EPA Monitor and the enrollee will establish an assignment schedule with the NCBA/SEE Program office to review for adherence to program guidelines. Each enrollee will identify their specific assignment hours by completing a Work Schedule form which is signed by the enrollee and the EPA Monitor.

 The NCBA/SEE Program assignment hours for all enrollees are set between 12:01 AM

Saturday through 12:00 midnight the following Friday; the core assignment hours   for all enrollees are set between the hours of 7:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Monday through the following Friday. Any exception to these time frames must be specifically requested and approved in advance and in writing by the EPA Monitor. Any enrollee reporting before 7:00 a.m. and staying beyond 6:00 p.m. must have the monitor or alternate monitor present during this time. Any extenuating circumstances (i.e., inclement weather, etc.) preventing compliance with this procedure are to be reported as soon as possible to NCBA.

 It is the EPA Monitor or Alternate Monitor’s responsibility to approve assignment hours presented on the Time and Attendance Reports of enrollees assigned to them. Any authorized enrollee assignments performed in excess of forty hours per week will be paid at time-and-a-half in accordance with the regulations, and wage and hour provisions established by the U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act, EPA Monitors and/or other authorized EPA officials who sign Time and Attendance Reports in excess of forty hours per week for any enrollee should be cognizant of the budget implications of the additional expense provided by time and a half rates of pay.

Under the NCBA/SEE Program, an enrollee may NOT volunteer for extra assignment hours without pay at his/her regularly scheduled position.

Compensatory Time Is Not Permitted

Overtime hours and overtime pay NCBA is responsible for monitoring and controlling SEE Enrollee overtime within EPA offices. In accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, NCBA provides pay at a rate of time-and-a-half for tasks performed in excess of forty (40) hours per week. It is understood that any assignment hours in excess of forty (40) hours per week must be approved in writing and authorized by the appropriate EPA official and the NCBAISEE Program Director using the NCBA Overtime Request Form.

Absence From Assignment

Absence from assignment due to illness, emergency, and/or other reasons must be reported to the EPA Monitor no later than two hours following scheduled starting time. An enrollee or his/her representative shall call on each day of absence, failure to report an absence within the stated time frame may be considered justification for forfeiting hours on the Time and Attendance Report for that day. Failure to give notification may be grounds for dismissal.

Position abandonment may be considered grounds for termination of enrollment if an enrollee arbitrarily leaves the position for three working days without explanation or without contacting the EPA Monitor or the NCBA Program Director’s office.

If an enrollee misses three (3) consecutive days for any reason, including but not limited to illness or accident, the EPA Monitor must notify the NCBA SEE Program Director by email or by telephone, any unapproved absence must be reported immediately.

In order to resume that assignment following a five (5) day absence due to injury or illness, an enrollee must obtain a doctor’s statement. This statement must be given to the NCBA/SEE office before the enrollee may report to EPA to continue their assignment. The NCBA/SEE Program Director will authorize the enrollee’s return to EPA. Fa11ure to seek NCBA authorization to return to the assignment will result in NON-paid time for the unauthorized

Compressed Assignment Schedule

NCBA/SEE Program in cooperation with the various EPA Divisions and Laboratories has agreed to allow SEE Enrollees to be assigned a pre-approved compressed schedule. However, several conditions must be met:

  • The Compressed Assignment Schedule consists of four-10-hour days per week.

  • The Compressed Assignment Schedule must not interfere with the normal flow of the office and only the EPA Monitor may seek permission for an enrollee to compress their schedule.

  • There are no flexible times in a compressed schedule. Enrollees’ times of arrival and departure are set, as are the days on which they are to complete their assignments. The Compressed Assignment Schedule is not given on demand but is approved by the EPA Monitor.

Explanation of Enrollee Timesheet

Actual hour of arrival.

Actual hour of departure.

Total of Columns 1 & 2.

 Lunch hour (amount of time taken for lunch).

  Leave taken during course of day.

 Actual hours at assignment (minus the lunch hour).

 Total hours to be paid.

 Use of private auto for assignment purpose (requires NCBA’s prior approval).

 Jury duty hours should be shown as normal assignment hours and must be accompanied by a court statement or summons for jury duty: