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SEE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES : Excellent full-time opportunity for a Scientist!


Excellent full-time opportunity for a Scientist!

The NCBA Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program seeks candidate for non-Federal position opportunity with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina.

MANDATORY MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT: Applicants must meet the minimum mandatory age requirement of 55 years (in accordance with PL 8-313). 


  • Minimum Bachelor degree related to environmental sciences, chemistry, biology, or physical sciences.
  • Relevant experience in quality assurance, especially analytical chemistry or biology quality assurance or environmental compliance monitoring. Previous training in instrumental analysis (e.g. G/MS, LC/MS, ICP-AES, etc.) desired.
  • Relevant science background (e.g., chemistry, environmental science, biology, physical science, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Knowledge/ability to use (or be trained to use) current technology and software (e.g., Microsoft Office products, SharePoint, Skype, etc.)


General Description of the SEE Position

  • Provide quality assurance support to the quality assurance manager (QAM) for a variety of tasks necessary for meeting Agency QA requirements for Division research projects. The assistance to the QAM includes data reviews/audits, reviewing project documentation for quality assurance, maintenance of QA database, and other QA related tasks.
  • Applicant will work in a team environment along with QA staff and Division researchers
  • Applicant will work in a dynamic environment with new and changing policies and procedures in order to meet the Agency’s and QA program’s needs – flexibility and adaptability will be key

Potential Scientific and Technical Support Activities

  • Support to the QA manager in technical writing or development of QA training materials
  • Assist with secondary review of QA documents, such as standard operating procedures, quality assurance project plans, or scientific products, depending on the candidate’s technical expertise
  • Provide support to the QA manager with audits (e.g., data audits, technical systems audits, etc.)
  • Conduct in-house lab equipment verifications (e.g., yearly weight verifications for all the working weights in the lab). This is location-based and the types of equipment depend on the labs.

Maintenance of Electronic Databases/Inventories Activities

  • Enter data for tracking laboratory notebooks
  • Assist Branches in updating their SOP databases
  • Upload QA documents
  • Gather information on lab equipment (esp. those requiring calibrations)
  • Assist with maintaining QA training or demonstration of analyst competency records

WAGE: Full-time, $12.72 per hour with benefits.

INTERESTED? Please forward Resume and Cover Letter to Yvonne Smith at
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