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NCBA is here
to provide you

with all of the resources you need for employment with the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

SCSEP Overview

Because we recognize that income and productivity are key to maintaining the quality of life our seniors deserve, the National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc., proudly provides employment training and placement services under the Senior Community Service Employment Program(SCSEP). The program is authorized by the Older Americans Act.
We see to it that SCSEP participants receive the necessary job-related training in preparation for job assignments. Training takes place in group sessions or at the worksite and may involve performing duties at a non-profit, including daycare facilities, faith-based organizations, and senior centers.

Priority is given to Veterans and their qualified spouses, then to individuals who:

  • Are over age 65
  • Have a disability
  • Have low literacy skills
    or limited English proficiency
  • Reside in a rural area
  • Are homeless or
    at risk for homelessness
  • Have low employment prospects
  • Have failed to find employment
    after using services through
    the American Job Center system.
  • Formerly Incarcerated

Key Information

Read about key requirements and information needed for a successful application.


Apply for the SCSEP program fill out the form provided in this link.

Participant Resources; individuals

Download key resources and forms to help you along in your application process.

SCSEP Program Staff Information

Headquarters information, phone number, hours of operation, and contact info.

SCSEP State Office Directory

Full directory to help you contact your local or state office and get the help you need.

Interested in Joining The SCSEP?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the SCSEP fill out the form provided in this link.