NCBA Health & Wellness Program

NCBA's Health and Wellness Program advances the principles of health and wellness, vitality and activity at a mature age. Our initiatives are designed to encourage seniors to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve their health and well-being.

By cultivating heightened awareness and personal responsibility, the NCBA promotes healthy living and prevention through nutrition, physical activity, early detection and screening with the intent of changing behaviors. The program addresses many health issues with an emphasis on the following areas: cancer (breast, cervical and prostrate); cardiovascular disease; hypertension; HIV/AIDS; substance abuse; medication usage; Alzheimer's Disease; nutrition; physical activity; access barriers (services and Care) and more.

NCBA's Health and Wellness program offers a variety of services including the delivery and coordination of health education and promotion activities, the dissemination of and referral to resource materials and training and technical assistance. We also provide public awareness, community health promotion campaigns, technical assistance, and training programs which disseminate brochures, videos, and newsletters to thousands of African American elders.

Through its Health and Wellness Program, NCBA strives to foster a vigorous, healthy, active lifestyle, enabling African American seniors to more fully enjoy life.