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Enrollee Health and Safety


Health and Safety Policies

Responsibilities of Enrollees

Reporting Assignment Related Injuries And Illness




Health and Safety Policy

 The NCBA/SEE Program holds the safety, welfare, and health of its staff and enrollees as a most important factor.  No task is so urgent that ample time cannot be taken to do it safely. In accordance with this principle, enrollees must exercise maximum care and good judgment to prevent accidents.

 It is an NCBA policy that enrollees not participate in activities or enter any areas in which hazardous substances are known to exist, particularly areas which require respiratory protection. Enrollees should not knowingly place themselves in any other hazardous situations.



Responsibilities of Enrollees

 More specifically, all enrollees are required to:

  • Read and abide by all safety rules of this program and that of the EPA office to which they are assigned.

  • Take every precaution and follow every safety rule to protect yourself and your fellow EPA employees from injury or illness, using any and all approved personal protective equipment required by the position they are performing (such as hard hats or steel toed shoes, goggles, or eye protectors).

  • Report immediately any accident they witness or are involved in to the EPA Monitor and NCBA Program Director, and seek first-aid for all injuries, no matter how minor they may seem.

  • Report as soon as possible any unsafe condition, equipment or practice observed on the job.


  Reporting Assignment Related Injuries and Illnesses

 An enrollee must report any occupational accident/injury or illness related to their assignment to the designated EPA Monitor immediately. The NCBA Program Director must be notified by the EPA Monitor without delay.

It is essential that all information pertaining to any occupational accident/injury or illness be noted so that NCBA can report the incident accurately and expeditiously to our Worker’s Compensation carrier. You are not covered by Federal Employees Worker’s Compensation. NCBA/SEE enrollees are covered by NCBA’s Worker’s Compensation carrier.

EPA Monitors will conduct an investigation into the circumstances of any assignment-related accident/injury or illness to an enrollee under their supervision. Upon notification of the accident, NCBA will provide the EPA Monitor with the NCBA ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION REPORT. The EPA Monitor will use this form to record the details of his/her investigation. The completed form must be returned to NCBA within five (5) working days, with one copy being retained by the EPA Monitor.