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Looking for ways to combat fears, doubts and access issues regarding the covid-19 vaccines?

NCBA applauds your efforts and is honored to join you in this vital mission to safeguard the health, safety and normalcy of older African American lives.

We invite you to watch our brief video and download the free tool kit to use and share as you wish.

We have linked a recorded webinar for you to view at your convenience to help in your outreach to older African Americans in your community who are still wary about the Covid-19 vaccines or have trouble accessing services. The webinar runs less than 20 minutes.
Not only does this video include practical suggestions and “lessons learned” about organizations seeking to educate their members and facilitate vaccinations, it also includes a Tool Kit with an infographic, tip sheet, a brief informational video that addresses myths and facts about the vaccines, and appointment cards to help recipients keep track.
We strongly encourage you to download the informational video in the Tool Kit for public showings, to email it to members, or to share with other organizations and individuals who are engaged in Covid-19 education. There is no copyright on the video, so feel free to distribute it far and wide.

We would very much appreciate your feedback about this webinar, the Tool Kit and your distribution numbers. Please let us hear from you at

Best wishes in this important endeavor and the great work you do. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.
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A recorded webinar with tips and information to help combat doubts and fears about the safety, efficacy and availability of vaccines.


for Covid-19 education campaigns


with key information to print and distribute.


for your campaign to educate and encourage vaccine-wary members.


pages to simplify arrangements. Version A is for organizations that provide transportation assistance. Version B is for organizations that provide appointment assistance only.

Informative Video

to share or for public presentation, as widely and often as you choose.

Coronavirus in Health Inequities Communities of Color

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Video Transcript

JOHN WHYTE: Welcome, everyone. You’re watching “Coronavirus in Context.” I’m Dr. John Whyte, the Chief Medical Officer at WebMD.

COVID has impacted so many aspects of our lives. But today, I want to spend some time talking about how it’s impacted communities of color. So to provide some insight, I’ve asked my friend Karyne Jones. She’s the president and CEO of the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging. Karyne, welcome back............

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